Sound Mosaic

How can I move audiobooks to an SD card on my Android Phone?

The app SoundMosaic makes it very easy to find and download free audio books and podcasts from the internet.
But you can also copy your own audio book and podcast folders from your PC to your phone SD card.

Connect your phone and your PC with an USB cable.

On your phone pull down the Status Bar Notifications,
open the "USB Connection" notification and
select "File Tranfer" connection.

On your PC open the File Manager and copy your audio folders to the phone SD card.

Transfer your Music albums as subfolders of the "/sdcard/Music" folder.

If you want to add audio books or podcasts to your phone SD card,
put them in the "/sdcard/Podcasts" folder (not the "/sdcard/Music" folder).

If the SD card does not have a folder "Podcasts", create one
(note the spelling: capital "P" and trailing "s").

Give Android a few minutes to find new audio files on your SD card.

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